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Pakri Islands

In 1345 five Swedish families bought the western island from Padise monastery and set the foundation to a diligent community. As alongside fishing they were also successful in growing crops, the Swedish name for the spot was Rågöarna – the Rye Islands. 

There were 354 inhabitants and 119 farmhouses in five villages in year 1934. Both islands had their own school, church and cementary and a regional studies museum. Estonians have never lived there. 

Unfortunately this idyll was ended in 1940, when  the islands were transformed into the Soviet Union military bases and into a bombing polygon for Varssaw pact countries. All population was forced to leave their homes (back to Sweden), villages were destroyed and.

Pakri IslandsPakri IslandsPakri IslandsPakri Islands
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Aaddress:Sadama 9, Paldiski
County:Harju County