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Vanatoa Tourist Farm

On the Muhu island, in ancient Koguva village, between the junipers and stone fences is situated Vanatoa Farm, its history goes back to the 16th century.

Today Vanatoa has awaken against to a new life. It is a place where dignified history meets modern relaxing possibilities to the local folks and visitors from outside.

To visitors Vanatoa Tourist Farm offers catering, overnight rest and various other relaxation alternatives. The recently renovated restaurant has room for up to 100 people, accommodation in provided for up to 40 people.

Vanatoa Tourist FarmVanatoa Tourist FarmVanatoa Tourist FarmVanatoa Tourist Farm
Phone:+372 5558 7494
Aaddress:Koguva Village, Muhu Parish, Estonia
County:Saare County